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Artikel: Nordisk Village win awards

Nordisk Village win awards

Nordisk Village win awards

Our award winning Nordisk Village Goto Island is the place to visit.
We are very proud and honoured to be the top place to visit when travelling to Japan.

  • Japan National Tourism Organization voted us in the best top 100 out of 2.100 hotels in Japan.
  • Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau voted us the winner of the Nature meets technology award.
  • Luxury Travel Guide (LTG) voted us as the Innovative Hotel of the Year.

Japan is a land overflowing with unforgettable experiences. Our Nordisk Village Goto Island tell a powerful story that will stimulate the senses, stir the heart, and leave impressions that will stay with you long after you return home.

Here is what the Japan National Tourism Organization said about our amazing Nordisk Village Goto Island:
Starlit camping on the Goto Islands: Discover the timeless beauty of this East China Sea archipelago!
Escape from the modern world to the cosy oasis that awaits those who visit the Goto Islands, with a glamping stay at the first Nordisk Village property in Asia. Take in the islands’ natural wonders from land, sea or air.

Vacation at our Nordisk Village - Live the experience at www.nordiskvillage.com

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